Search over 234,000 U.S 45 rpm records

Since its introduction in 1949, the 45 rpm record has made a lasting impact on the face of American music. Finally there was a format that the younger generation could call their own. By 1955, the 45 rpm had outsold the old cumbersome 78 rpm, and by 1960, companies stopped its manufacture. Through the next five decades (1950 to 1990) it is very roughly estimated that about 500,000 to 700,000 unique 45 rpm records were produced. Of course, no one can really know the exact number because many fledgling recording companies made only small pressing numbers and many of those are lost forever. Finally, in the late 1990's, the vinyl 45 rpm record began making way for the digital age. First, cassette tapes then CDs and now the modern mp3 format, although some vinyl records are still produced, 45 RPM DATABASE provides an easy way to search through a very large catalog of these music treasures. Over 234,000 are available and can be searched by title, artist, label or year. Additions to the database will never be completed and many will be added as time goes by.